Night Work

I call it my bottle of black magic cream



I believe that a good night’s sleep is the best anti ageing ingredient of all. NIGHTWORK is a night moisturiser that supports your skin’s nocturnal replenishing and healing process.

During our REM sleep phase, the majority of cell turnover and repair occurs. I formulated Nightwork to capitalize on this and prepare the skin for the environmental pressures of the following day.

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Product Description

To encourage cell turnover and rejuvenation during REM sleep.

Peptides stimulate the skin’s natural mechanism to produce collagen. For younger looking skin and decreased wrinkles.

To restore and maintain the barrier function of our skin.

5 reviews for Night Work

  1. I love it – makes me look like my children sleep 12 hours a night…

  2. Fantastic.

  3. I have noticed a definite brightening and general rejuvenating effect, I like the feel of it (slightly grainy) as I apply it.

  4. Absorbs into the skin quickly and not greasy which I like. Again you can feel it working.

  5. My skin is clearing up and it is not dry from using Retinol.

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