A Big Day

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Last Friday was a big day for me.

I did something that I had been putting off for years (47 to be precise)

I got my ears pierced.

I took my dear friend Vanessa with me. Not so much for moral support but as a second opinion with respect to positioning.

She brought out her blue surgical marker and marked my ears. Everyone stood back and looked. Alcohol wipes out blue marker erased  and blue marker again. Everyone stood back and looked. Alcohol wipes out., blue marker erased …this process went on for about 30 plus minutes…why?

Well here is the point of my blog. After a certain age ear lobes are not the same as they used to be. Also I treated myself to a very nice pair of “rocks” for my birthday. After a certain age chips just don’t seam to cut it! I have been saving up for a few and I mean a few carrats … but these weigh heavy on the earlobes and the collagen and elastin of our earlobes is just not what it was therefore it just can’t hold the weight in the same way. Argh!, another cruel irony of ageing. ..just when we can afford the big rocks our earlobes can’t take the weight!

So firstly the holes had to be high enough on the earlobe to take the weight but not so high that they looked odd

I feel sorry for the poor therapist Rita, between the 2 of us we tried her patience to the limit.

Once hole position was chosen…anaesthetic cream applied…I admit it I am a baby when it comes to pain.  Why have pain when you don’t have to? Vanessa’s hand still has the indentations of my nails. One, two, three, breath out and bang ear one was done quickly followed by ear two. And even more quickly followed by a celebratory glass of bubbles.

This week I have performed the second part of “operation earrings”… I have filled my earlobes with Hyaluronic acid AKA filler

This does 3 things.

  1. Replaces the innate substance of the lobes. A bit like shoring up the foundations to a building that is collapsing or building good foundations to prevent the building from crashing down in the first place.
  2. Encourages and maintains my own collagen and elastin production in this area
  3. Make a firm base for earrings so they just sit more prettily.

If you already have your ears pierced Hyaluronic acid is  a really good preventer as well as cure for those slashy looking ugly holes you see on earlobes. I think there is nothing more aging and ugly than slashy droopy ear lobes akin to a basset hound.

If your earlobes have slashed all the way through then they may need a quick stich to sew them back up and then preventative filler

Now I am looking to catching up on 47 years of earing purchases!

Here are my top 4 wish list so far,
a girl can dream!

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