Dr Frances Prenna Jones

I qualified as a medical doctor over 25 years ago. After training for 10 years as a doctor of internal Medicine I found myself wanting to focus on how I could look well and feel well and therefore live a long and healthy life. – driven by my love of art and design and my obsession with fashion – I refocused my career by studying skin and what I like to call, ‘age maintenance’ to become a Cosmetic Anti-Ageing Doctor.  Uniquely I take an internal, as well as external approach to anti-ageing  – LOOK WELL, FEEL WELL, LIVE WELL – I am wholly focused on the individual, always taking a bespoke and empathetic approach to each and every patient. I believe that looking well is empowering.

I don’t just treat celebrities. I treat men and women from all walks of life from age 18 to 89!

The thing all my patients have in common is that they just want to look well, not different. I like to think that I am my target audience! I will always be honest with you, some say brusque and brutally so. You may not always want to hear what I have to say. I won’t sugar coat something if I think it needs to be said. But, I will always have your best interests at heart.

Together with my continued love of science, coupled with my core belief that great skin starts with a good and consistent skincare routine and my patients’ desire for a simplified effective skincare regimen I have been propelled to create my own range of results-driven skincare products.

Unable to find partners who were willing to create products or source ingredients to my exceptionally high standards I built my own manufacturing and developing factory in deepest Dorset. Here I spend every spare minute I have formulating and mixing product for my signature skincare collection, which is 100% made in the UK.

Whilst I am privileged and grateful to have been taught by the most eminent Doctors and experts in this field, it is my wonderful patients who teach me something new everyday. I believe knowledge is empowering so I want to teach and share what I have learnt as often as possible not just with my colleagues but also more importantly with you.

My Clinic in Mayfair is a discreet and elegant haven that allows patients to be treated in a private and harmonious environment.  I limit the number of new consultations I see in any one day to allow time to focus on my existing patients. However, please don’t let this put you off. I would love you to book a new consultation with myself or a member of my team so we can help you look well, feel well and live well together. If you don’t get an opportunity to come to my clinic I do hope you will enjoy using my products and that you get the skin you deserve.

I look forward to seeing you soon