Dr Frances Prenna Jones

You deserve to look well, feel well and live well and I would like to help you do this. 

Welcome to my website, I am Dr Frances,

I qualified as a medical doctor over 27 years ago. I initially trained for 10 years as a doctor of internal Medicine sub-specialising in Cardiology.

After 10 amazing years in the NHS I found myself more and more wanting to focus on how I could look well and feel well and therefore live a long and healthy life as the best version of myself.

– looking well is empowering. It gives you self-confidence; something I did not always have.

It is a combination of the expertise I have acquired and my life experience that I want to share with you to help you become your best self and to look well, feel well and live well

My patients are not all celebrities. I treat men and women from all walks of life from age 18 to 89+!

The thing you all have in common is that they you want to look well, not different.

So, let’s do this…
I look forward to meeting you soon

If you don’t get an opportunity to come to my clinic, I do hope you will enjoy using my products and that you get the skin you deserve.