How to get Botox Right

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As we age the elasticity in our skin deteriorates and gravity pushes our muscles downwards making our features horizontal. And whilst this can look attractive on men (and whilst they seemingly age better than women) – on women it doesn’t translate as well.

The general acceptance of what makes a woman attractive and youthful is wide apart eyes that are open – looking alert and happy and a friendly upturned mouth. As the skin droops downwards it can distort our features – especially around the eye area, and our faces take on a different appearance. It almost certainly gives a constantly tired – somewhat angry, brooding – look.

When I see patients who want to address this problem – men and women as it affects us all – I use Botox but in a very careful and light-handed way. Too much Botox in the forehead will give a frozen, waxy look and paradoxically lower the brows and making them appear unnaturally horizontal.

Botox relaxes in the direction of the muscle. A wrinkle is a line perpendicular to the line of the muscle. Botox in the glabella area (top of the nose, between the brows) opens up the space between the eyes and lifts the inner arch of the brow. Too much and you risk looking like Dr Spock but just the correct amount at the outer edge of the brow bone lifts the outer half of the brow.

Patients with a short/low forehead should avoid having Botox in their forehead altogether as it relaxes the muscle horizontally lowering the brows, or making them horizontal, which results in an angry and tired expression. Too much can also do the same in the average forehead. The trick is to look at each face individually and have a light touch to keep the overall effect looking natural. You can always add a little more after a couple of weeks but you can’t take it out.

I advise all women and men seeking Botox treatments to visit the same practitioner regularly so you can build up a relationship together and they, and you, know what suits you and what you like.