Master Cleanse

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Dr Frances Prenna Jones Blog Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

You might be surprised to hear that I am a big fan of the master cleanse! But if you read my blogs on Lemon juice and Alkalinisation you will hopefully see why I think it is easy and a great way to get yourself out of a rut. I have just completed 10 days and lost 10 pounds! But it is not just for the weight loss that I do the master cleanse. After the cleanse you don’t find yourself craving sugar or sweet foods, your energy levels sky rocket, your mind is clear and sharp, aches and pains melt away and I find myself needing lower doses of my daily hormone replacement.

All you need are the following ingredients that you can get at any super market.

  1. Lemon juice
  2. Cayenne pepper
  3. Maple syrup
  4. Water
  5. Fennel tea
  6. Senna tea
  7. Epsom salts. If you have difficulty getting these just ask your local Pharmacist, they often keep them behind the counter for some reason. They are not expensive


  1. Buy x10 bottles of 330ml bottled water, I prefer the screw top not the sports top
  2. You will need 420ml of maple syrup (the darker the better grade C is the darkest) ideally OrganicTry your hardest to get the C it is better but if you can’t B is acceptable.
  3. You will need 420ml of lemon juice, ideally freshly squeezed but you can use the ready squeezed ideally Organic
  4. 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper ideally Organic

You will need a large container to mix everything in. I use the salad draw from the bottom of my fridge!

Empty 7 of the bottles into the container and 200ml out of the 8th bottle. You actually need 720 ml of water. Empty the rest of the water into a large glass to use with your epson salts later. Mix 2, 3, and 4 in the large container and then empty 5 of the bottles of water into the container. Now refill the bottles with the mixture. These 10 bottles are your total for the day.


1 bottle every 2- hours with an extra for when you feel the extra need throughout the day.

1.   7am     2.   9am     3.   11pm     4.   1pm     5.   3pm     6.   5pm     7.   7pm     8.   9pm     9.   11pm

I sometimes have the last one of the day hot.

Before bed mix 2 teaspoons of epsom salts with the water you set aside earlier in the day. Try and down it as quickly as possible as it does taste disgusting! The epsom salts help keep everything moving and clear out your system. They are I am afraid an essential part of the process although fennel or senna tea also helps

Throughout the day you can either drink extra water or fennel tea.

During day one or two if you feel a little light headed you can have one or two whole Almonds. If you do need a couple of Almonds chew on these at least 20 times before swallowing.

After day 10 I often follow with a liver cleanse… more of that in the future. If you can’t do 10 days do 5 days you will still see huge benefits. After you finish the cleanse try to just eat vegetables for a couple of days. You won’t find this difficult to do. If you eat regular food keep the portions small.

Good luck.
let me know how you get on.
If you need any tips ask away.

Trust me….it is worth it… you are worth it… your body will thank you.