A super-power nurturing face treatment gel that helps skin to rest and recharge.



Skin needs time to rest and recuperate itself to keep its cellular energy at its optimum efficiency. It is constantly facing environmental extremes, hormonal changes and often and aggressive, in-clinic treatments such as lasers. Added to this stress to the skin, combined with mental, physical and emotional stress from our daily lives puts undue stress on the skin.

My new Fix Holiday is a skin-loving gel-consistency treatment loaded with sirtuin activators and packed with anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients to soothe, calm and essentially give skin time to rest in order to ‘heal’ itself.

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Product Description

Anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm skin

Encourages healing of blemishes, redness and post procedure

Sirtuins influence cellular ageing processes such as transcription, apoptosis, inflammation and energy efficiency. Skin is able to ‘rest’ and heal itself prolonging the ‘life’ of cells.


Sirtuins: Influence cellular ageing processes such as transcription, apoptosis, inflammation and energy efficiency. They allow skin to ‘rest’ and heal itself, prolonging the ‘life’ of cells.

Sage: A powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial with antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.

Chamomile: Another anti-inflammatory and calming ingredient perfect for dry, itchy skin, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema as well as reducing fine lines. It is used to help the help superficial wound healing, post laser treatment.

Cucumber: Cooling, soothing and super-hydrating on inflamed skin post procedure and extreme sun exposure.

Arnica: Used to encourage superficial wound healing, help reduce swelling and discomfort post procedure and provides hydrating and anti-redness benefits.

Hyaluronic acid: Dehydrated hyaluronic acid is delivered deep into the dermis to combine with and maintain water to super hydrate the skin and maintain barrier function.

Plant Glycerin: Prevents the evaporation of water which maintains the barrier function of the skin.

Peptides: Used to maintain the dermo-epidermal junction which in turn allows the skin to heal itself and increase collagen production. Peptides promote the enzymes which helps increase cellular longevity to promote dermal renewal particularly after trauma and extend the life of aged Keratinocytes and fibroblasts.

how to use

Take a teaspoon amount of product, warm in the palm of the hands and massage in circular motions to the lower face, followed by forehead, cheeks, nose and eye area

• Use post in-clinic procedures such as laser treatments and deep peel.
• Use on sunburn and combine with Refresh 24/7 to re-active the hyaluronic acid and boost the antioxidant effect. A must for in-flight hydration.
• Keep in the fridge for an additional soothing and calming sensation.
• Safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding.

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