Frances’s secret recipe – a combination peel, microdermabrasion and mask all-in-one.



Just like at school, if you don’t do our homework, then we don’t progress at our optimum rate so why should this be any different for our skin and this super-charged scientifically sophisticated treatment ‘paste’, is simply called, Homework.

This paste self-activates, self-neutralises and maintains the barrier function of your skin. It does this by going through a functional transformation once it is massaged into the skin and then exposed to water, light and air.

Suitable for all skin types, the results are outstanding. Softening fine lines and pores for instant perfection. It leaves skin matte and smooth, moisturised and calms all irritation due to its antioxidant astringent properties balancing the skins pH.

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Product Description

Maintains the barrier function of skin.

Balances the skins pH.

Antioxidant properties soothe and calms skin.


The Homework Paste is a combination peel, microdermabrasion and mask all-in-one and what is in it, is a secret!

How to use

Using a teaspoon size amount, massage it over a thoroughly clean face and neck, avoiding the eye area, in an upward circular motion with your fingertips for approximately 30 seconds.

• Next, fill palms with warm water and splash the face repeatedly with warm water with eyes closed. Massage homework continuously until it all dissolves.
• To super-charge the treatment, rinse Homework Paste using Formula or Formula +.
• There will be a slight fizzing of the product. This is the light peel effect of Homework Paste being activated and then self-neutralising. Once all the product has dissolved, splash the face again with warm water rising off any residue of product. Pat your face dry with a towel.

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