Night Work+

I call it my bottle of black magic cream




I believe that a good night’s sleep is the best anti ageing ingredient of all NIGHTWORK + addresses the specific needs of a more mature or photo aged skin.  NIGHTWORK+ is a night moisturiser that supports your skin’s nocturnal replenishing and healing process. During our REM sleep phase, the majority of cell turnover and repair occurs.

I formulated Nightwork+ to capitalize on this and prepare the skin for the environmental pressures of the following day. For Night Work + I wanted to take this one step further and replenish the effects cause by a loss in our hormones and adipose (fat) tissue on our face.

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Product Description

To encourage cell turnover and rejuvenation during REM sleep.

To inhibit tyronase enzymes and reduce pigmentation.

To maintain Skin barrier function.


To encourage cell turnover and rejuvenation during REM sleep.

Thymulen 4 BG A peptide derived from a youth hormone (human growth hormone) which reinforces the skins’ immune defences and boosts epidermal regeneration. Stimulates the skins’ production of fibrous proteins and numerous other immune defence cells to help fight age related deficiencies in the immune system.

Soy Isoflavones plant derived phytoestrogens–from wild Yam and Soybean loss of oestrogen results in poor collagen and elastin production. These natural bio identical hormones Have a duel action to boost collagen by stimulating its production and preventing its degradation by matrix metalloproteinases enzymes. Helping to increased skin density, improved skin firmness and elasticity and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Plant Phytosterols stimulate adipocyte proliferation and differentiation thereby promoting lipid storage which plumps skin, helping to smooth the contours of the face and maintain facial volume.

Peptides mimic the body’s own collagen production mechanism This compensates for any collagen deficit in the skin and helps make the skin look younger and to decrease wrinkles and helps give a lifting effect to the skin.

A peptide complex that improves skin structure by stimulates the proteins of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ). Skin tone and firmness is improved and wrinkles appear less visible.

To inhibit tyronase enzymes and reduce pigmentation.

Tyrosinase inhibitors reduce oxidation and damage within cells and helps reduce and prevent pigmentation. Improves collagen synthesis and inhibits MMP-2 and MMP-9 collagenase, enzymes which normally cause the breakdown of collagen.

An exclusive composition of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids obtained from Colostrum. These components are naturally found in skin. They decrease in stressed and aged skin. Replenishing these has been shown to give skin back its radiance and youthful appearance. Regenerating, revitalizing, repairing, firming, Smoothing and restoring radiance.

Zinc Gluconate Helps enzymes to promote skin healing. It promotes cell rejuvenation, reduces hormonal effects on the skin and helps fight against acne.

Microencapsulated 1% Retinol slowly releases retinol over time thus minimizing irritation and increasing collagen and elastin resulting in smoother, softer more toned skin. Decreases fine lines, pores, photo damaged skin and blemishes. Helps to increase skin plumpness.

Special ingredients mimic the effect of DHEA helping to give a more Delineated Face and Neck

To maintain Skin barrier function

Glycerine an essential component of our epidermis a natural humectant and moisturiser

Hyaluronic acid & B6 Restores optimum hydration by reaching deep down into the dermis to combine with and maintain water. Restores GAGs, an important component of connective tissues. A smoother and softer skin with decreased wrinkles and an all-round fuller appearance.

Ceramides are moisture capturing lipids – Repair and strengthens the skin’s barrier function. Increasing softness and flexibility and decreasing water loss. Has anti- inflammatory properties

Provides a skin barrier. Excellent for skin whose barrier has been disrupted by a laser treatment or someone with rosacea whose epidermis is thin and needs added protection.

Rice Germ oil An antioxidant and moisturiser.

Shea Butter heals and super moisturizes and maintains skin barrier function.

Squalane which softens, soothes and moisturises the skin.

Vitamin E antioxidant, helps to soothe UV damage from sun exposure, prevents water loss from the skin, effective in scar reduction and is a highly effective moisturiser.

Silicone Fluid moisturises and heals, improves skin quality and appearance and acts as a conduit for other products.

how to use

You will need about a large Chick Pea size amount.
Pump into the palm of your hands. Now rub your hand s together to warm the product until it almost liquifies.Use the whole of the palm of your hands and fingers. Start along the jaw line and apply with an upward, tapping technique (not rubbing).Next apply over the forehead.

Next apply over the cheeks. Next apply over the nose area.

Finally with the remainder of what is left on your fingertips tap around the eye area.

For the chest and neck. Take the same amount and using the same tapping technique start over the chest area and move upwards towards the jawline.

In line with my 1+1=3 theory spritz with Refresh 24/7 for a more intense moisturising effect

Keep in a cool dark place.

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5 reviews for Night Work +

  1. Used every night & skin feels quite hydrated.

  2. Very good product and I am glad I took the therapist’s and purchased this product to start with.

  3. I invested heavily in your products, as with the cleanser treatment and day cream this night cream feels great and seems to have improved its texture in the short time I have been using it.

  4. it is an amazing product.

  5. This is an amazing night treatment. It is choice full of goodness and retinol and causes no irritation whatsoever, in fact it is extremely moisturising and also has a lovely oil base – it feels like a cross between a serum and a moisturiser.I have just bought my second bottle of this.

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